On-page factors

We in-depth analyse each individual webpage for any SEO optimisation issues.

We check and correct on-page factors for issues such as page subject optimisation, page structure, search engine crawlability, code compatibility, keyword densities and many more.

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Website structure

The structure of your website tells search engines which pages on your website are most important.

We check and correct website structure issues like internal linking and URL optimisation whilst ensuring all pages are accessible and error free.

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Technical recommendations

Technically sound websites are favoured in search engines. A well-functioning website increases the chance your visitors will trust your brand and convert.

We check and correct issues regarding page speed optimisation and proper website server configuration.

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Social media tracking

Social media is becoming increasingly more important as social metrics are more tightly integrated into search engine algorithms. Time and time again it proves to be a great traffic source and central part of reputation management.

We measures your performance on all the popular social networking as well as social bookmarking platforms.

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Link building & detox

All links that point to your website are analysed by type, authority and PageRank. This allows us to quickly see if you have a healthy link profile and remove any links that may damage your reputation.

We constantly monitor new backlink opportunities, whilst building links that drive authority and that take into account your target market, website and location.

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SEO workflow

We have developed a unique phased approach to SEO. Our SEO workflow software provides relevant improvement tasks. Filtering and sorting options allows you to manage task priority fast and easy.

Tasks are supported by clear a problem description, the pages/images that are affected, and how we will solve the issue. WordPress users have unique guides to optimise their CMS system.

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Competitor analysis

In SEO, it is important to not blindly start optimising your website to keywords you want to rank for. Knowlegde of what makes your competitors show up high in the search engines is vital to gain a competitive advantage and rank even higher.

Our competitor analysis tracks key SEO metrics accross all your competitors websites to give you a clear overview on how your SEO is doing in relation and what you can do differently to get on top.

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Rank tracker

You may use our ranking tracker to establish the position of your website for various keywords over time.

We alert you with an weekly email report of any keyword ranking changes to URLs on your and your competitors websites.

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Multiuser environment

To increase transparency towards external parties (customers and managers), the SEO progress should not just be accessible to our in-house SEOs, but also to you directly.

We give you complete access to your SEO workflow and the role manager lets you invite other users to your account where you can assign them different user rights.

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Premium PDF reports

It can be useful to not just have your SEO analysis in our online environment. You may want discuss the analysis with your design, developer, colleagues, manager or you may just want to have a paper copy at hand.

That is why we provide the opportunity to generate an unlimited amount of PDF reports with every weekly SEO analysis we perform on your website.

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